We have created a suite of videos, animations and social media graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We also have our radio ad for England and Scotland available to listen and download. They are open to everyone, we encourage you to download them and use them across your social media channels and website. 

To download any of the images or animations please click on the ‘images’ tab and click on the one you would like to download. 

You can watch the Home and Dry film on our Vimeo channel. You can also share the films using the Vimeo link. If you would like to upload the shorter films to your social media channels, please feel free to download them directly from our Vimeo page.

You can also visit the ‘documents’ section to access the campaign press release and download campaign posters to print.

If you would like to order free safety guides and materials, visit the MCA’s online shop.

All of our resources are free. To order, please get in touch using the contact form below.